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Unhealthy Processed Foods are making people suffer from diet-related diseases.

Join us in our endeavor to promote Natural Whole foods as an healthier option to junk foods and work towards making our society healthier

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What is Smart food

Give a man a new diet, and he will lose the weight for a day. Give a man a new, smart thought process, and he will lose the weight and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

We are living in a food environment that fails to support our health.Taking back the control over our food preparation is essential to our long term well-being . We need to be smarter in how we approach the process of preparation and consumption of food.

By smarter, we mean saying NO to Refined, Unhealthy Processed Products which are making people suffer from more diet-related diseases than ever before and Say YES to Natural Whole Foods & developing and maintain Healthy Eating Habits and reclaim responsibility for what's in our food so that we can celebrate the foods that will protect us and bring us pleasure for the rest of our lives.

Why Smart food

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New Introduction

Heath Mix is a nutritious and healthy blend mix
made of multigrains, Cereals, Pulses, Nuts etc.
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Shop for Unprocessed, Unrefined Natural Whole Foods
unpolished rice ,unpolished millets, Pure Ghee, Pure Honey, Coldpressed oil
Palm Jaggery, Health Mix(Sathu maavu) and many more

 #Natural Whole Foods delivery across India #

  • Organic & Natural ,Unrefined & Unpolished Millets & Rices

  • NO Preservative  NO Pesticides NO Artificial colours or flavours

  • Millets & Rice are to be consumed immediately 

  • Store grains in refrigerator in Air tight containers

  • Unpolished grains need atleast 6hours of soaking